Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Thrifted pillowcase to baby blanket mark 2

This is now my second thrifted pillowcase to baby blanket sewing project.  You can see my first one (including vintage Winnie the Pooh print!) over here.  These are so quick and simple to sew, perfect for newborns since cotton and fleece are easy to machine wash and quick to dry.  Since this is a blog about thrift as well, I have no qualms in admitting that these babies are cheap as well.  You can buy a second-hand pillow case for around 99p and the fleece blankets I've been using are Ikea-via-a-friend who emigrated and bequeathed me a lot of her things she couldn't take with.  You can buy an Ikea fleece for around a fiver though and the material is enough for 2 baby blankets. Or check out charity shops for good condition second hand fleece blankets!  Just goes to show though, it's not how much a present cost, it's about how much time and love went into it that's important.  I love the recycling aspect as well, taking something that someone gave away to a charity shop and turning it into something pretty and useful.



This one features a cute floral pattern for a friend's newborn baby girl.  I love this pattern because it's delicately girly - it's not in-your-face BRIGHT PINK OHEMGEE THIS BABY IS A GIRL!! type material.  It also appeals to my love of granny-chic, ditsy floral, but again, it's not too over the top since Dad will have to be seen out with it as well. 


Still using the old 'Second Fiddle' labels, must get some cute new ones made up.  I'm going to go with my name this time, since I don't really make things to sell anymore (except for the gamer gauntlets, who have recently made me enough money to buy the equipment to make teacup candles!) but in the meantime, I like using these old labels, they give a more professional finish.


Another busy week flies by here at Chez Dyce-Taylor.  I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend of crafting!

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