Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Take 2 sweaters, combine to form 2 cushion covers

This is another project from the Guilt Pile (which magically never seems to get smaller, despite finishing or discarding several projects recently that have been festering in there for months).  Years ago, when I first started sewing, I made several cushion covers (a beginner sewist's staple) that have been used in various flats and on various sofas and chairs until their final resting place in our current flat in the kitchen.  They were a combination of jeans-to-cushion covers, with natty red ribbon and lightening bolts and blue cotton tie-dye and flower appliqué.  I took a photo to show you all but they're honestly so faded and holey that it was too embarrassing to post them on the internet.


So instead, you can see the new, upcycled sweater cushion covers that have replaced them!  I combined the cushion pads from the old cushions to make 2 new cushion inners from 4 old pads, they were too flat and uncomfortable to make 4 new cushions but combining them into pairs makes for very fluffy, comfortable cushions.


The cable sweater is one my Mum knitted me years ago and I wore until it started dropping to pieces.  I couldn't bear to part with it but it was looking very 'heroin-chic' as one friend put it i.e. holey and stained with lots of loose bits of yarn and bobbles.


The blue sweater was my favourite 100% wool sweater for seeing practice when I was a vet student, it was smart and went with all my shirt.  Unfortunately when both elbows and the cuffs disintegrated, I knew it was time to move on.  It was originally £3 from a charity shop though so it didn't owe me anything.


This was a down-and-dirty project, a whip-up-in-one-evening type affair.  As a result, the corners especially are quite wonky but sometimes you just want a quick fix without worrying too much about matching seams and professional finish, y'know?  Especially with my job at the moment, I get so little time for sewing that it's nice to just cut out and finish a project in one sitting, otherwise it might be weeks until I get another chance to finish it off.  Plus, 4 crappy old cushion covers out of my Guilt Pile and 2 new comfy cushions for my darling behind to rest upon.  Win!

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