Friday, 8 August 2014

Wedding work in progress

I almost didn't share these pictures, after a recent query on Craftster for blog constructive criticism drew attention to some aspects of my photos (namely - a dirty floor!) that definitely need improving.  Now I'm looking at all my photos with new eyes - look at that mark on the wall!  Look at the dust on that shelf!  Look at the coffee rings on that table!!!  It's a wonder any of you have been able to focus on my crafting at all.


Mocking aside, the person mentioned raised some good points (and some questionable ones) that have definitely got me thinking about my blog and my motivations behind blogging.  There's a post brewing in my brain, but I haven't quite worked out how I feel about it all yet, so that's a story for another day.  More importantly though, IT'S MY WEDDING BOUQUET!!


It's not quite finished and I've still got the bridesmaids bouquets to make (one is done, the other partly done even as we speak) so expect more photos with fewer coffee rings in the future.  But I was too excited about the whole thing not to show you guys, so dust and coffee rings be damned!


It's nice to see a progression in this project, from brooches and wire, to proper, solid bouquet.  It's a heavy beast as well, it must be a couple of kilos at least.  No throwing this baby at the end of the wedding night, it would have someone's eye out.  I'm planning a proper photoshoot of the finished bouquets, using tips gleaned from the lovely Tilly's, "How to photograph your sewing projects" post.  But for the moment, indulge me in my dusty, coffee ringed, dirty pictures, another little bit of my wedding day is being created and I want to share that moment with the world!


  1. Beautiful, I love the combination of silk flowers and brooches.

  2. Thank you! I like that silk flowers are slightly more permanent than real ones.